Worship Sunday 24 May

Welcome to our worship for Sunday 24 May, at the time when the church is watching, waiting and praying as the disciples did in the days between Ascension and Pentecost

As usual our worship will be on YouTube from 8am BST and the order of service is here: Easter 7  If you go to YouTube you will also find the service for Ascension Day, last Thursday and Faith ‘n Fun which is on the theme of Pentecost.  There are two extra resources for children and families here:colouring-sheet   childrens-sheet

‘After Church Coffee’ details are available from Jane, we meet at 10:00am on Sunday.  Hopefully Zoom have learnt that Saturday night in the USA is a bad time to update at the moment!  There were headlines around the world on Sunday saying, something to the effect of ‘The Church broke Zoom!’ we were not alone in abandoning the cause!

If you wish to watch or listen to a national service there is one on Radio 4 at 8:10am and on BBC 1 at 10:45am, additionally the Church of England produces one on their YouTube site each week.  Our Bishops produce a Holy Communion Service each Wednesday, you can access this through the diocesan website https://www.bathandwells.org.uk/. In addition the Church of England has launched a ‘Daily Hope Line’ with a reflection, readings, hymns and prayers, the phone number is 0800 804 8044.

During the 10 days from Ascension to Pentecost our Archbishops’ encourage the church to pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’
– Praying for the world in which we live
-Praying for 5 friends to grow in faith/come to know Christ for the first time

Traditionally this has been done through prayer events, prayer rooms, morning, evening and night prayer

This year things are obviously different.  There are a number of resources on the Thy Kingdom Come website, https://www.thykingdomcome.global/

You might like to choose one resource and use it for the 10 days.  If you would like to join in with something across the deanery I will be hosting Morning  and Night Prayer live on Facebook, on the Deanery Facebook page (you do not need to be a member of facebook to access this)  This will be here: https://www.facebook.com/Glastonburydeanery/live/

Morning Prayer will be on Tuesday 26 May, Wednesday 27 May, Thursday 28 May at 9:15am

Night Prayer will be at 8:30pm on Thursday 21 (Ascension Day), Saturday 23 and Monday 25 May

The Morning Prayer readings for next week are:

Monday 25 May Psalm 93, Numbers 22:1-35, Luke 7:36-end

Tuesday 26 May Psalm 99, Numbers 22:36-23:12, Luke 8:1-5

Wednesday 27 May Psalm 29, Numbers 23:13-end, Luke 8:16-25

Thursday 28 May Psalm 24, Numbers 24, Luke 8:26-39

Friday 29 May, Psalm 28, Numbers 27:12-end, Luke 8:40-end

Saturday 30 May Psalm 43, Numbers 32:1-27, Luke 9:1-17

Next Sunday: Pentecost we’re holding a Deanery Service on Zoom, (at which I’m preaching!!) which I hope will be on the Benefice YouTube site later on in the day.  Details will be issued next week if you contact Jane.

I hope that you continue to stay safe and well, if I can do anything to help, or you would like someone to listen to you, then please do give me a call.

Jane Durham


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