Sunday 27 November

Wheathill Priory Benefice

“Jesus Lives: Follow Him”

Sunday27 November 2022 Advent 1

Bible Readings and Events of the week

Sunday 8:30am Holy Communion Lydford on Fosse

10:30am Morning Prayer Barton St David

4pm Christingle, joint with Methodists, Keinton Mandeville

Monday Psalm 50, Isaiah42 18-end, Revelation 19

9am Morning Prayer Keinton Mandeville

Tuesday Psalm 80, Isaiah4301-13, Revelation 20

Wednesday Psalm 47, Ezekiel 47 1-2, John 12 20-32

9am Morning Prayer Barton St David

ThursdayPsalm 42, Isaiah 44 1-8, Revelation 21 9-21

9am Morning Prayer Lydford on Fosse

Friday Psalm 25, Isaiah 44 9-23, Revelation 21 22-22.5

Saturday Psalm 9, Isaiah 44. 24-45.13, Revelation 22.6-end

Sunday 4th December 8.30am Morning Prayer, Keinton Mandeville

10.30am Holy Communion Lydford on Fosse.

Open the Book has restarted, if you’d like to join in then please speak to a member of the team: Ralph, Carolyn, Elaine, Jan Jones.

Phone Church and YouTube

While Jane and Clive are away, we will not be streaming worship or putting services onto the phone line, but the Church of England Daily Hope phone line is available; this has hymns, prayers and reflection.

Lifts to 10:30 service with Wheathill Community Transport

If you would like a lift to the 10:30 service then please ring the Wheathill Priory Community Transport on 07799 487 719 and they will try their best to meet the need. Please can you pay the driver following the usual arrangements.

Family Choir

A message from Lynne Kirkman; please let her know if you’re interested in taking part. Lynne says would you like to be part of some seasonal events coming up:

Dec 11th 4pm
Dec 24th 4 p
Dec 30th 7pm.

We will learn 1 or 2 songs to sing at whichever event(s) where there are enough of us!! We will rehearse:

Sunday 20th Nov and Dec 4th 5-6pm, at my house.

Please let me know if you would like to be involved and which dates you can make. All are welcome – the more the merrier!!
Phone (01458) 224158, Email

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