Sunday 27 February

Good morning.

My apologies for the late arrival of this email, I’m not sure what happened to the one I wrote on Thursday!

However, that late arrival does enable me to add a letter from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York asking for our prayers for the Ukraine; obviously all our churches are open during the day and we will have time to do this in our services tomorrow and on Ash Wednesday.

Our worship this Sunday is:

                8:30am Morning Prayer Lydford on Fosse (this is the service we will livestream)

                10:30am Holy Communion Barton St David

                4:00pm Faith ‘n fun Keinton Churchyard (or church if wet) pancakes and more!

Lent begins on Wednesday with our Ash Wednesday service of Holy Communion at 7.00pm in Lydford on Fosse, which will include ashing.

Services for 6 March are:

                8:30am Holy Communion Keinton Mandeville

                10:30am Morning Prayer Lydford on Fosse.

Best wishes in these troubling times


Jane Durham
Priest in Charge Wheathill Priory Benefice & Deanery Mission Enabler for Glastonbury Jurisdiction
01458223417 or 07421700242
The Rectory, Church Street Keinton Mandeville TA11 6ER

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