Sunday 9 May

Good afternoon

This week’s bulletin is attached.

Sunday worship is in Lydford Churchyard at 10:30am, with the choir and we will be singing!  (There may also be animals/seeds/earth/water etc present as this is a rogation service).

Forecast at the moment is for 15 degrees with ‘light cloud & fresh breeze’ but that changes quite regularly so please dress appropriately and bring a chair with you, if possible.

I live in hope that we’ll manage a livestream…

I hope that all is well with you.

Best wishes


Jane Durham

Priest in Charge Wheathill Priory Benefice & Deanery Mission Enabler for Glastonbury Jurisdiction
01458223417 or 07421700242
The Rectory, Church Street Keinton Mandeville TA11 6ER

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