Sunday 31 January

Good evening
Welcome to your mailing for 31 January and 7 February
I am not at my desk from Monday afternoon 1 February to Sunday evening 7 February, if you would like to talk to us during that time then please phone the mobile and Jane S will return your call

Headlines for this week

Worship for Sunday 31 January and Sunday 7 February will as usual be on YouTube:
As usual the best way to watch is on a playlist, if you are one of those who is struggling to find playlists on a smart TV instructions are below
This week there will be a Faith ‘n Fun playlist as well as the usual worship list, the videos now go live at 8:30am on a Sunday morning.  The playlist for 7 February will be there on Sunday but only the music will be public on 31 January, the videos will go live a week later.

If YouTube is not an option for you then we do now have a phone line which has a small part of the service on it, the phone number is 01458552155 and it is updated on a Saturday, the service is then there for a week.

I have attached Morning Prayer for Sunday and for Thursday (the latter is for the Zoom Morning Prayer on a Thursday!)

Ash Wednesday is on 17 February and the service will be on Zoom at 7:30pm and it will then be uploaded onto YouTube ready for Thursday morning (or later on Wednesday evening). 

In the meantime I hope that you stay well and stay safe, it is great to hear that many of you have had vaccinations

Best wishes

I understand that some of you are struggling to access the playlists if you’re watching on a smart TV so here are some step by step instructions:
Select the purple circle that comes up when you search for Wheathill benefice
Once selected, scroll down through the menu items, on my TV the order is something like: Uploads, Past livestreams, Playlists
Once you select playlist you should then see the playlists with their dates and select the relevant date

Jane Durham
Priest in Charge Wheathill Priory Benefice & Deanery Mission Enabler for Glastonbury Jurisdiction
01458223417 or 07421700242
The Rectory, Church Street Keinton Mandeville TA11 6ER

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