Sunday 10 January

Happy New Year and welcome to this week’s worship at home!

Headlines for this week

Although this lockdown does still allow public worship is still allowed, we are still on our ‘pause’ benefice council will discuss the situation and our options on Thursday of this week, along with other matters including the benefice magazine.  Therefore we’re still utilising YouTube services, as a playlist as usual, with a paper copy included with the mailing or delivered to those who are not online.

So you can find this week’s worship on YouTube here

While you’re there you might like to look at the choir and the Christmas playlists, which have many of the choir carols in them as well as worship from Christmas Eve.

It also seems sensible to hold a ‘Zoom’ Morning Prayer each week, this is on a Thursday at 9am.  Sunday morning coffee is at 10:00am.   Zoom details for both of these are attached.  The end dates are somewhat arbitrary but I hope this gives us some ways to continue to meet together.  I have attached the order for Morning Prayer in Epiphany.

In the meantime I hope you stay well and safe

Best wishes


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