Sunday 1 November

Good afternoon

Please find attached the weekly notices and readings

I am no longer printing a paper copy for all who are in church, since the words for Psalm etc are now on the screen in church.  I will bring some copies particularly for those for whom seeing the screen is a challenge and some of the non-digital members of the community.

Worship this Sunday 10:30am All Saints Kingweston includes commissioning Clive Durham as a Lay Worship Assistant
Monday 2 November 7pm all Souls service at St Peter’s Lydford, if possible please let Jane Durham know you intend to come before Saturday morning, but we will have some additional seats for those who have not contacted us

As usual the 10:30am service will be livestreamed (assuming the technology is in compliant mode!)

You will be able to find the livestream here:
If the first stream drops out, stay on this part of the webpage and the new stream should appear as soon as Clive is able to get into it!

If we have a total stream failure (or need to edit the stream after the event) then the service will be recorded and uploaded, and will be found here

Assuming that the expected announcement of a new lockdown comes at some point this evening to start on Thursday, we will expect to go ahead with the All Souls service on Monday evening at 7pm, livestreamed.  Decisions regarding the various acts of remembrance will be made this week and I will send an email out on Thursday with plans for Friday, Sunday and Tuesday once we know what we’re looking at.

Worship for Remembrance and Acts of Remembrance (all outside at the respective War Memorials please come prepared for the weather etc):
Friday 6 November 10:50am Keinton Mandeville
Sunday 8 November 9:30am East Lydford
10:45am Benefice in West Lydford
Wednesday 11 November 10:50am Barton St David (enter from the Playing field side)
Two questions for you:
Do you have a screen from when you used to show cine film, or slides?  If so would you be willing to lend/donate it to one of our churches to use for projection (so we don’t have to cart quite so much stuff week by week)

Would you be willing to learn how to livestream?  we’re about to take delivery of a new camera which should make things simpler.  It would be good if it didn’t totally depend upon Clive, e.g. when we go on holiday but also it would be good to have a bigger pool of people who can do it.  Clive will talk to/train anyone who is willing to find out more

Thank you

Best wishes


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