Sunday 27 September

Headline News for this week: Worship on sunday 27 September is:
8:30am Barton Harvest Festival
10:30am Lydford Morning Prayer
4pm Faith ‘n fun Keinton Monthly All Age Worship in the churchyard, a scavenger hunt details can be found here:

There is no need to book, just come, (obviously as long as you don’t have any symptoms, and please bring a mask) you will be welcome

As usual the 10:30am service will be livestreamed (assuming the technology is in compliant mode!)

You will be able to find the livestream here:
If the first stream drops out, stay on this part of the webpage and the new stream should appear as soon as we are able to get into it!

If we have a total stream failure then the service will be recorded and uploaded, and will be found here

Since we have Faith ‘n Fun in the afternoon I hope we’ll be able to upload between the two but that may not be possible, in which case we’ll upload later on, our apologies if this is the case!

You can find this week’s readings and notices here:

I hope you have a great week, best wishes


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