29 November 2020

Good evening

Please find attached your worship resources for the week

My apologies to all those who tuned into YouTube at 9am last Sunday morning looking for worship and found only half of it there.  The Rectory internet was playing up and it took an inordinately long time to upload, in fact thanks to Lynne that we finished by midday on Sunday!

This week we hope to manage to upload more easily (or to take the upload to someone else’s home!)  and you should be able to find the worship for the week here There will be a playlist entitled 2020 11 29 Morning Worship, select that and it should then play through the tracks.

Our worship this week was filmed in Barton St David Church, Kingweston Church and includes an introduction from Clive into what is involved in being a Lay Worship Assistant, filmed in The Rectory.

Plans for Christmas are proceeding apace.  We hope that you will be able to access worship wherever and whenever is appropriate for you.  If you are coming to an in-person service please do book, if possible using the online system accessed from the front page of the website  it will help make everything proceed more easily.  If you are not coming then there will be some services on YouTube and we hope to produce the carol service as a DVD or CD as well, all the details are on the bulletin attached to this email, and in the magazine which will be distributed in the next week or so.

Our Advent course continues on Tuesday evening, which is also open to the deanery, last week we had 5 participants from MoMMS benefice and Wednesday afternoon.  Although the lockdown ends on Wednesday morning I am not sure at this moment in time whether we are allowed under Tier 2 guidelines, to hold in person Bible Study.  Please phone if you would like to come and I will let you know once full guidelines are issued.  Otherwise I expect we will continue on Zoom.

Thank you, best wishes and stay safe


Jane Durham
Priest in Charge Wheathill Priory Benefice & Deanery Mission Enabler for Glastonbury Jurisdiction
01458223417 or 07421700242
The Rectory, Church Street Keinton Mandeville TA11 6ER

Sunday 22 November

Dear all

Welcome to this week’s mailing

Headlines this week:
Worship will be available on YouTube playlist for 22 November from 9am on Sunday 22 November  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9tB_kpGA8SZwwyE9AmKvmg/playlists
‘After Church Coffee’ happens at 10:00am on Zoom, details attached on the Zoom list

Advent course begins on Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon, both on Zoom initially, we hope that after lockdown eases that the afternoon group will move to Keinton Church, and people are welcome to join the course at that point.

Benefice quiz is coming, see inside the bulletin attached. The correct email address for Trevor Ryder is: rydert36@hotmail.co.uk

Sunday’s service and intercessions are also attached for those who are unable to access YouTube

I hope that you stay well and stay safe

Best wishes


 Jane Durham
Priest in Charge Wheathill Priory Benefice & Deanery Mission Enabler for Glastonbury Jurisdiction
01458223417 or 07421700242
The Rectory, Church Street Keinton Mandeville TA11 6ER

Sunday 15 November

Dear All,

Welcome to your weekly mailing for Sunday 15 November.

Please find attached a copy of this week’s service with prayers from
Sally Buxton and a reflection from Rev’d Joy Hawes.

The Church of England along with other national Christian churches is
encouraging us to pray during this month.  They have issued two
resources to help with prayers, and you can download them here:

There will be after church coffee on Zoom at 10:00am, and the Zoom
details are also attached to this email

We trust that this finds you well and that you stay well and safe

Best wishes

Jane Durham
Priest in Charge Wheathill Priory Benefice & Deanery Mission Enabler for Glastonbury Jurisdiction
01458223417 or 07421700242
The Rectory, Church Street Keinton Mandeville TA11 6ER

Sunday 8 November

Good afternoon

Please find attached the order of service for Sunday 8 November and notices and details for this week and next.

We have in person Acts of Remembrance on
6/11/20 10:50am in Keinton Mandeville Churchyard, also on YouTube
11/11/20 10:45am Barton St David, enter from the playing field side

The Service on Sunday and act of remembrance for Lydford on Fosse is only available on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUdxpYfds1E&list=PL5IFXQG_bfW3aSfL6q8qe3lvUSytsRqPj<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUdxpYfds1E&list=PL5IFXQG_bfW3aSfL6q8qe3lvUSytsRqPj>

The notices include details about changes to church opening during this second lockdown and the availability of churches for private prayer

In the meantime I hope and pray that you stay well and stay safe

Best wishes


Sunday 1 November

Good afternoon

Please find attached the weekly notices and readings https://wheathill.files.wordpress.com/2020/10/2020-11-01-weekly-notices-and-readings.pdf

I am no longer printing a paper copy for all who are in church, since the words for Psalm etc are now on the screen in church.  I will bring some copies particularly for those for whom seeing the screen is a challenge and some of the non-digital members of the community.

Worship this Sunday 10:30am All Saints Kingweston includes commissioning Clive Durham as a Lay Worship Assistant
Monday 2 November 7pm all Souls service at St Peter’s Lydford, if possible please let Jane Durham know you intend to come before Saturday morning, but we will have some additional seats for those who have not contacted us

As usual the 10:30am service will be livestreamed (assuming the technology is in compliant mode!)

You will be able to find the livestream here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9tB_kpGA8SZwwyE9AmKvmg/videos?view=2&flow=grid
If the first stream drops out, stay on this part of the webpage and the new stream should appear as soon as Clive is able to get into it!

If we have a total stream failure (or need to edit the stream after the event) then the service will be recorded and uploaded, and will be found here

Assuming that the expected announcement of a new lockdown comes at some point this evening to start on Thursday, we will expect to go ahead with the All Souls service on Monday evening at 7pm, livestreamed.  Decisions regarding the various acts of remembrance will be made this week and I will send an email out on Thursday with plans for Friday, Sunday and Tuesday once we know what we’re looking at.

Worship for Remembrance and Acts of Remembrance (all outside at the respective War Memorials please come prepared for the weather etc):
Friday 6 November 10:50am Keinton Mandeville
Sunday 8 November 9:30am East Lydford
10:45am Benefice in West Lydford
Wednesday 11 November 10:50am Barton St David (enter from the Playing field side)
Two questions for you:
Do you have a screen from when you used to show cine film, or slides?  If so would you be willing to lend/donate it to one of our churches to use for projection (so we don’t have to cart quite so much stuff week by week)

Would you be willing to learn how to livestream?  we’re about to take delivery of a new camera which should make things simpler.  It would be good if it didn’t totally depend upon Clive, e.g. when we go on holiday but also it would be good to have a bigger pool of people who can do it.  Clive will talk to/train anyone who is willing to find out more

Thank you

Best wishes